Full Metal Taxes seeks to reduce tax time stress!  Each year, we take on a limited number of clients to professionally & affordably file their taxes remotely, an ideal arrangement for busy military members.

Our services are marketed for Active Duty Service Members who own a single rental property. This focus enables us to offer personal, professional tax service at greatly reduced rates. If you’re tired of exorbitant CPA rates, you’re why FMT was created!

To maintain our competitiveness, FMT does not have capacity to assist with corporate/partnership tax returns or excessively complicated tax returns (taxpayer in trouble with the IRS, years of unfiled returns, customers who usually file 30+ page tax returns, etc.). Also, though we would welcome additional business, military members with a single W-2 from the military would be best served using one of the many (free) online filing services.

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PS. Visitors are instructed they alone are responsible for their finances/taxes and any information provided on the site, before you become an FMT client, is intended to guide research–not make decisions. Contact a tax professional or other accredited professional (e.g., CPA, EA, CFP, lawyer) to discuss your individual situation.