Q: What happens after I pay?
A: After paying, the Enrolled Agent will email a link to a client-personalized encrypted website ran by Intuit. This secure data server will be used throughout the process to collect tax documents and process the return. Please follow all instructions provided and upload tax documents as they are received. Once all documents are provided and the return is signed by you, you will be able to download a PDF copy for your records and the return will be e-Filed.

Q: What documents are required to be provided via secure link?
A: As every taxpayer is unique, this list depends on your individual situation. However, for most Active Duty Service Members with a rental property, the following is a guide: All W-2s from DFAS (pay, travel, etc.), DFAS 1095-C (health care form), spouse’s W-2s, any 1099s (bank interest, miscellaneous payments, cancelled debts, retirement account activity, brokerage account activity, etc.), 1098-Ts (tuition paid), 1098-Es (mortgage interest, student loan interest), a full rental property report (rents received, repairs, improvements, fees to PM, rental property insurance, property tax report, etc.), child care summaries, and potentially more. To aid in this process, the Enrolled Agent will request copies of the last year’s tax return (including each state).

Q: Does Full Metal Taxes guarantee the highest refund?
A: Full Metal Taxes will do your taxes accurately based on the financial information you provide. Refund size is a nuanced discussion and often has little to do with “preparer skill.” People boasting about huge refunds generally have their W-4 tax withholding set improperly, leading them to pay far too much to the IRS throughout the tax year. Additionally, changes in rank/grade/TIS/salary, educational status, dependent status, and any number of life events can and will affect your tax situation. A website or preparer claiming they will maximize your refund is nothing more than marketing.

Q: If audited, what is the role or responsibility of Full Metal Taxes? Will I get a refund?
A: The staff Enrolled Agent is a Circular 230 tax professional charged with accurately completing a tax return using client-provided information. However, the individual taxpayer is ultimately responsible for all information reported on the tax return. Additionally, no tax preparer can promise an audit-free experience. Though the IRS looks for returns with frequently-abused tax deductions or otherwise suspicious information, a small portion of all types of returns may be examined. Accordingly, it would be completely non-standard and professionally ruinous for a tax practitioner to offer a refund for an audit, therefore Full Metal Taxes does not. Moreover, to keep prices low for our military market, Full Metal Taxes does not offer audit-related services. We recommend contacting a full-service tax professional in the event of an IRS audit.

Q: Is Full Metal Taxes legit?
A: Full Metal Taxes is a doing business as moniker under a micro business. It is an IRS-authorized e-File provider, with Electronic Return Originator and Electronic Transmitter roles, ran by an Enrolled Agent. The Enrolled Agent is a Circular 230 tax professional and takes the role seriously.